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Industrial Parts

Welcome to Industeq, Inc.
NOP Vortex Pump At Industeq, Inc.
The All-in-One Coolant Pump

Welcome to the website of Industeq, Inc.

Industeq, Inc. (“Industeq”) is a proud manufacturer representative and supplier of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) machine tools and machinery parts, including electrical and mechanical components and accessories.  The company has been serving the manufacturing, machine tool and energy smart (smart energy?) industries since 1994.  Industeq stocks its $1,000,000+ inventory with a vast array of industrial machine parts, including name brands such as Nippon Oil Pump (Trochoid Pumps), Magnascale, Lube USA, Fuji Electric, Daito Fuse and more in it’s 14,000 sq/ft warehouse in Stafford, Texas. 

Industeq is also a service-based company with the technical know-how to support the products it offers.  Industeq offers a wide range of repair services for industrial machine tools and machinery.  In addition, Industeq’s website features consumer information about the industrial machine parts offered, including information on repairing, maintaining and installing industrial machine parts.  Industeq’s staff has extensive industrial electrical machine tool and factory automation experience and several of Industeq’s employees are fluent in reading and speaking Japanese.  Fluency in Japanese is of particular advantage since most of the machine tools and parts are complex and highly specific, and many of the OEM’s are located in Japan.

Industeq also provides products and services to its customers to assist in the efficient generation of energy from natural sources including wind and solar sources.

In addition to sales, Industeq offers in-house service and engineering capabilities to design in 3D, CAD using Autodesk Inventor 2010 for specialty items to further enhance the products that it offers.  Industeq’s service department can professionally install the products that its sells, on the customer’s machine tool or other industrial equipment.  Industeq offers turnkey on-site installations at the customer’s location and can also repair most of the products it offers, at Industeq’s in-house service department.

Nippon Oil Pump TOP-2MY750 Trochoid Pump
Nippon Oil Pump
Trochoid Coolant Pump Motor With Relief Valve
Daito Alarm Flag Fuse
Daito Alarm Fuse

Industeq can also design custom sheet metal parts that are mostly fabricated in-house for machinery splash guards or other specialty brackets to use in conjunction with the goods its distributes.  Industeq also offers professional energy audits in addition to the installation of energy saving items such as lighting and energy generation products.

Industeq distributes products in more than 45 countries around the globe with immediate shipment available worldwide.  If Industeq does not have an item in stock, we will search for it using our various sources and contacts (domestic and international) in order to provide faster delivery and lower cost than if ordered directly from an OEM.  Industeq receives multiple shipments of products weekly from Japanese and other international sources in providing its local and worldwide customer base with machine tools and parts.


Industeq ships a large volume of Japanese parts to petrochemical companies, ship builders, mining operations, agricultural and textile customers, state and federal government institutions, and various hospitals and universities.  Industeq serves numerous end users including OEM’s, machine tool builders, distributors, wholesalers, service companies, in-house contract and government procurement customers, and industrial supply houses throughout the world.  Many of Industeq’s customers are Fortune 100 companies.

In summary, Industeq has superior knowledge and factory training in the brands of products and types of services it offers. 

If in Houston, TX or surrounding areas, please stop by for fast and courteous parts pickup/will call for any of our industrial brands.  If not, please browse our website for on-line parts ordering, technical information about maintaining and installation of our industrial parts and other valuable information.

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